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You're in Great Hands

We make sure all our new patients feel welcome, safe, and taken care of. We are here to help with your decisions and your questions and to smooth out the process for you.  Yes, there is a lot of paper work, but yes, cannabis can be incredibly helpful in managing multiple medical problems. A lot of the paperwork can be filled out on-line at our website before you come to the office, so you may save time and complete the rest of your visit as quickly as possible. See below for additional details.



We do not accept any insurance.  Payment is cash, or credit card.  Please see our payment section below.

Accepted Insurance:

Initial Visit:  What To Expect


Our initial services include an education class for all applicants regarding the state laws, which are constantly changing. These laws will impact your future cannabis use. Because of the misinformation out there, we also feel obligated to discuss Cannabis itself, so that you are aware of it’s potential and what you can expect from its use. This includes varieties, formulations, dosages and route of administration, all tailored to your specific medical and personal needs.

You then have a personal interview and physical exam by Dr. Robert Elkins, M.D. (required by law). There is a review of your medical records from your treating physician corroborating your condition in addition to a personal and private discussion regarding your specific medical conditions. This face to face discussion includes recommendations about the various products available to you thru the dispensary centers in Florida.  We realize that this may be a new endeavor for you and that you may be unsure of the path to take.  As you will see below, there are several decisions to make and it is best to face them with knowledge and wisdom rather than hear-say.

All of the above is done to determine if you are eligible to be enrolled in the state medical marijuana registry and if you meet their qualifications.  

Like most complicated processes, there are hoops to be jumped through.  That includes hoops for you and hoops for us.  A thorough understanding of the system is mandatory for success.

After your initial visit and your approval, you will need visits every 210 days (the maximum allowable time set by the State of Florida).  At that time your registry information will be reviewed and renewed if you continue to qualify. You may also have a visit in 30 to 60 days to review your cannabis use and to make additional suggestions to adjust your amount and use in order to give you the optimum benefit from the program.  We are only a phone call away if you have questions or concerns.