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So let’s get a little more educated.

There are over 100 compounds that come from the Cannabis Plant. There are
two main species of plants-- -- Sativa (energizing) and Indica (Calming).

There are also hybrid plants that do some of each. The above descriptions
are also very general and do not work the same for everyone.

The two main components you will be dealing with are THC and CBD.
Each has overlapping benefits, but also individual benefits. Once again, in
general THC is the component that produces the “high”, and handles some
medical conditions whereas CBD is the main medical component for
treating most medical conditions. CBD does not produce a high. At the
Cannabis Certification Clinic, we will make recommendations for adjusting
the ration of each to give you the maximum results.

Some of this sounds a little vague, and it is, and that’s because there is a
great individual response difference to each component. Continued input
and advice is needed to gain the maximum effect from your program. To
summarize, this is not a one size fits all situation. But not to worry, we will
tailor a program with your specific needs in mind.

And last, safety. Although this sounds a little blunt, no one has ever died
from a cannabis or marijuana overdose. This is an incredible statement of
safety, since it probably can’t be said for almost any other medications out
there. Sure there are side effects, just like from any medication, but these are
infrequent, usually mild and very temporary. That’s what makes the
Cannabis (marijuana) plant so amazing. It’s safety to efficacy ration is outstanding.

Lastly, the Cannabis Certification Clinic’s goal is to have you succeed in
this program. We will do everything we can to help you achieve this goal.
We understand chronic pain and we understand chronic illness. Dr. Elkins is
an orthopedic surgeon, and has dealt with chronic pain and illness for over
30 years. If we didn’t have confidence that Cannabis (marijuana) has a great chance of
improving your overall quality of life, we wouldn’t be in this field.

robert elkins