Cannabis Certification Clinic - Saint Augustine

The Cannabis Certification Clinic offers compassionate care for our
patients with serious chronic medical problems who wish to choose the route
of cannabis (marijuana) therapy.

We are located in St. Augustine, Florida, in the Whetstone Building, (100
Whetstone Place, suite 309, just off route 312 and US 1. Our sole mission is
assisting you in your use of medical cannabis.

We not only help you navigate through the maze of paper work, but stay
with you for personal care though out your cannabis experience. Although
common sense often helps in our daily lives, it often isn’t enough when it
comes to Cannabis (marijuana) use. As an example, you would assume, using common
sense, that the doctor writes you a prescription, with the dosage, route of
administration and number of times per day to take the cannabis. You then
get the prescription filled, and there you have it.

But, actually, all of the above is incorrect. In reality, if you qualify for the
State requirements, Dr. Elkins submits your name to the OMMU (Office of
Medical Marijuana) Registry. They require information about the
maximum amount of cannabis (marijuana) you can take in a day. You can have 2 refills,
and need a reevaluation in 210 days. That’s it. The rest is up to you.
And for many medical offices, that’s where your service ends. We don’t
feel that’s the right way to treat patients.

This is why your personal interview and education is so important. You are
in charge of all of the above. To make this work, you need to know what
you‘re doing: and that’s why we ‘re here: to help you personalize your
cannabis experience so you get the maximum benefit for your specific

There is so much mis-information out there that during your initial
appointment, the Cannabis Certification Clinic, begins with a classroom
setting to show you the rules and regulations you will be dealing with. This
includes explaining the different types of Cannabis (marijuana), what the State requires,
what your role is in the process and what our role is.

When you complete your physical exam, Dr. Elkins will then enter your name into the State of Florida Registry, so you can get your “card”. This comes in the mail a few
weeks later. This card allows you to purchase Cannabis from a dispensary
(nearest ones are in Jacksonville).

We are not a dispensary. It is illegal for a physician to dispense any
cannabis product, and dispensing is done solely at the state sanctioned
dispensaries. There are no drugs on the premises. If anyone tells you that
you can get your card from the state in one day, run the other way. It usually
takes several weeks (count on 2-4 weeks). However, you often get an email
within the first week indicating your name has been accepted on the registry.
This is good enough to order your cannabis at a dispensary. It’s advisable to
make the first visit in person so the sales person can provide additional
information re your choices. Refills can often be done on the phone and
delivered to your house.

In a word, we are here to help you explore and succeed in the fascinating
field of Medical Cannabis (marijuana). See our website for an appointment
and additional information.

Stay tuned for more important info. Thanks for listening.