Facts, Just the facts

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We often hear the question “Where should I go after I get my card? Is there
a best dispensary? Is one better than the other? Why is this so confusing?”
We understand this completely. In fact, you need to do some research on
this, yourself. Each of the 7 companies that have approved dispensaries in
Florida have different products. And more are coming next year. Some call
their products by the old marijuana street names (like black ice, and NYC
diesel, etc.) Others have their own proprietary names. Others use the
percentage of THC and CBD to label their products. This makes it
confusing, since we’re used to getting a prescription for xyz medication and
every drug store has the same thing. Not so here. This, of course, also makes
comparison difficult.

In addition, all of the formulations come from plants. These can have
varying amounts of active ingredients, sometimes just depending on whether
they were grown indoors or outdoors, the amount of rain, the soil variation,

It’s often best to experiment a little with small amounts of different products
at first to see what works best for you. These can be in the same general
category as what you need, but some work better than others, depending
again on your individual needs. The plan is to “Start low and go slow”.
There’s a sign in my office-- -“Keep an open mind, but not so open that your
brains fall out”. Keep an open mind with Cannabis (marijuana), and trust your own

Also; “ If you believed in Santa Claus for 8 years, you should be able to
believe in yourself for a few hours.”

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robert elkins