The Rest of the Story

So… you’ve got your card, you’re certified and you’ve been to the dispensary.

In our experience most people show good to excellent improvement . The 25% that don’t

usually have a problem with dosing: Taking the wrong formulation at the wrong time, or

not taking enough of the formulation to be effective.

Everyone’s endo-cannabinoid system is different and the dosing has to be tweaked to

give you the best chance of success. You want to take as much as you need, but not any

more. Many people are afraid of taking too much cannabis. We understand your

concern, but you may need more than you are taking. The side effects of CBD are

minimal, and the dosing here can be pushed to a maximum without much concern. The

dosing of THC is a little more critical but in a sense easier to recognize an endpoint,

usually due to the associated high with THC and the fact that most people take this as a

short acting route and can recognize results in minutes.

We also find that many people overlook or ignore the benefits of CBD. This is the bang

for the buck part of medical marijuana, and handles 90% of the medical problems we are

all interested in reducing. Just because the state of Florida calls this “Low THC” doesn’t

mean it’s not effective. It is low in THC, but high in CBD. And that’s a good thing.

CBD and THC work as a team and seem to be more effective together than apart.

If you need help with tweaking your cannabis intake for the maximum effect, call us.

Better yet, attend our free class that’s held multiple times each week, and learn for

yourself the secrets of this amazing plant. That way you can learn first hand whether it is

right for you. Chances are, it is!

Christina Kostuk